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GE2015 Singapore – 8 ways How To Vote Wisely….

Today is my birthday. It is also one day before our big day… Singapore’s General Election GE2015. It is my wish that when we all visit the polling station tomorrow, Singaporeans vote wisely and remember it will determine the road we want for Singapore in our next journey towards the next 10, 25,and 50 years. Read […]

What If… There If A Freak Election Result for Singapore GE2015?

I am writing as a very concerned 62 year old citizen who loves Singapore very much. As I attended the election rallies, I can’t help but asked myself what will MM Lee feel and how will he view this historical SG 2015 election? Despite no apparent cracks in Singapore’s dominant ruling party, many have asked […]

GE2015 – Are you voting for Character or Charisma

As Singapore’s  GE2015 draws nears, it is crucial to vote wisely to avoid a freak election result. I would like to point out the distinction between Character and Charisma. You may have noticed it by now, in both their definition and derivation. It doesn’t refer to having power over other people. It doesn’t use force on […]

GE2015 – Straits Times Article: Don’t Be Swayed By Charisma by Michael Ang

As the drawing of General Election 2015 nears, the rally starts to get more attention from Singaporeans. I would like to share my thoughts on how important it is to vote for character and wrote an article for Straits Times forum and it was published on 4th Sept 2015.  You can read it here too: http://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-in-print/dont-be-swayed-by-charisma

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

The celebration has begun, and how we wish only if MM Lee can be here. We will always remember you MM Lee. Our memories can either bless or burn us. Yes, we had a blessed 50 years and we must press forward to a better Singapore otherwise our memories can burn us, should we drop […]