GE2015 – Are you voting for Character or Charisma


As Singapore’s  GE2015 draws nears, it is crucial to vote wisely to avoid a freak election result. I would like to point out the distinction between Character and Charisma.

You may have noticed it by now, in both their definition and derivation.

  • It doesn’t refer to having power over other people.
  • It doesn’t use force on other people to follow.
  • It doesn’t try to please people at all costs.

Character is not what you have but who you are.

  • You could be with the powerful and rich, or the weak and poor.

In every situation, the consistency of your character is very important. In time of testing or trial, Charisma does not do you any good at all.

  • Charisma flourishes when everything suits them well.
  • Charisma shines bright during sunny weather.
  • Charisma requires the presence of their followers. But Character is all about you, especially when you are alone.

How do character and charisma play out in the real world especially when we are voting for our leaders?


Here are four scenarios that can easily occur:

  1. Charismatic leaders can make people believe that there is a pie in the sky or that the sky is going to fall tomorrow. They can trick or terrify many until the overblown scenario is proven false. But a leader with CHARACTER doesn’t need to be anyone’s Pied Piper. Instead, they look within for the real source of inspiration.
  1. Charismatic leaders can “hype up” devoted and fanatical followers. Personalities like these often resist delegating authority. A leader with CHARACTER refrains from trying to be indispensable.
  1. Charismatic leaders have to constantly pull out “rabbits” out of their hats to make sure their followers are not getting bored. But a leader with CHARACTER is a person of stamina and honesty.
  1. Charismatic leader don’t necessarily lead from the front but say “I’m behind you” – but when problems arise, true enough, they are far behind. A leader with character may not be colourful, but they are what you see is what you get. They make it clear they should stand for the truth even though it hurts.

Come let’s vote for our future leaders & MPs who seek to be honourable than crave to be honoured”

Remember when we vote, we are voting for good future leaders that guide and not bad leaders that misguide the next 5 years and beyond. Together we will write our Next Singapore Story. This is our moment in history, let’s vote wisely.