What If… There If A Freak Election Result for Singapore GE2015?


I am writing as a very concerned 62 year old citizen who loves Singapore very much.

As I attended the election rallies, I can’t help but asked myself what will MM Lee feel and how will he view this historical SG 2015 election? Despite no apparent cracks in Singapore’s dominant ruling party, many have asked “Will the PAP last?” PAP’s continual success was something MM Lee refused to take for granted.

MM Lee does not care whether the PAP exists in perpetuity, saying “What is important is that Singapore perpetuates itself.” His party had clawed its way up from a very tense and emotionally charged rowdy opposition, succeeding against Colonialism and Communism in his time.

Yet even in 1955, MM Lee said: “Singapore must be aware of the dangers looking ahead in an age of great changes and uncertainty. We take our future for granted only at our own peril, we have survived because we are practical and realistic people.” This words of wisdom still hold true even now.

In this year’s Singapore GE2015 election, let us ask ourselves a possible and real question: What ifthere is a freak Election result?   

  • Are we ready to have a disparage and disunited opposition parties who can paralyze the Parliament which will be dragged down with the quarrels & constant debates over short term & petty issues, to score political points against one another? Is this the government we want?
  • Do we really have authentic opposition parties who can come up with sustainable and  balanced alternatives to solve our complex internal and external problems?
  • What will be the massive reactions from the international market? Foreign investors will not take the risk and foreign funds will take flight out of Singapore. As we have observed the last few months, political unrest have caused the ringgit to free-fall.
  • What will happen if unwise labour policies gain traction and is implemented? It could   cause perverse impact both short-long term effect to the PMET and retrenchment, especially to youth unemployment, that we can see in many countries around the world.

The country of Greece, where the Democracy originated, once had everything but today, Greece have not much, in fact…nothing. Today, Singapore has almost everything. What if, one day, by default of a bad government, we are also reduced to nothing?

Always remember:We shall be governed no better than we deserve.”

Silence is therefore not golden in this case. We cannot be the silence majority. We must speak up because our vote is very serious and important.

To borrow MM Lee’s illustration again, he said: “This place is like a Chronometer- you drop it, you will break it, it is finished. Singapore is like a very unique timepiece that is tested and against all odds certified to meet the First World’s standards. But we must always guard & treasure this timepiece.” MM Lee also said: “Some countries, you get a second chance, you buy spare parts, you put it back again.” MM Lee said “I am not sure we’ll ever get a second chance.”

We must not be conceited & become “big head”. Like Humpty Dumpty who sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. I pray that Singapore will never experience such fate especially with this election.

The General Elections is not a gamble; it is not game of cards. We cannot play dice with our future. This is about our life and our family. Don’t ever leave it to chance and in the first place, it is not a game.

Our country today is at the crossroad.  We have succeeded as one united people to be an exceptional country for 50 years. This GE2015 election will determine how we should start our next journey towards the next 10, 25, and 50 years.

When we vote, don’t look at the Immediate but look at the Ultimate. So that, together, we get to write the chapters of our Next Singapore Story.