[Blog 1] What has been Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Greatest Worry for Singapore?

Last week, Singapore and the world mourned MM Lee’s passing. Thousands of ordinary citizens sent condolences and global leaders pay tribute to our great leader, a “lion among leaders”. In my last video, I expressed my personal condolences and paid tribute to MM Lee whom I admired for years and like many who have never get any personal encounter with him, yet we expressed our unprecedented display of emotions after his death.

lee kuan yew tribute

The period of national mourning for MM Lee will remain vivid in the memory of Singaporeans for many years to come. People also respect MM Lee as a man for his Pragmatism, Principles, even if we may not necessarily agree with the way he implemented his many Policies. We agree that through MM Lee’s leadership, our lives are a lot better and we can continue to build on the foundation laid by MM Lee and his Cabinet.

I am Mike Ang, an ordinary citizen, after a frenzied week and shocked after hearing that MM Lee faced his inevitable, I was so angry after viewing on YouTube what was said by an irresponsible young ungrateful punk. My anger and my grief mixed with deep gratitude for MM Lee after all that he has done for Singapore led me to many hours of quiet reflections and contemplations now that the dust settled. I ponder, so what now? What can I do for this country we all love.


MM Lee will remain as an inspiration for many Singaporeans moving forward. Our country needs people who will speak out, step up and address those issues that the Government cannot tackle alone.

Our country needs individual citizens to uphold shared values and guiding principles our forefathers has set forth to continue to be a brilliant red dot. Let us share what we think, feel, and act which we would like to be transferred and ingrained into the next generation of Singaporeans. Singapore has the strong foundation to be confident that we can make things happen.

Therefore, I would like to take the lead to encourage you to Pay it Forward by contributing either in short videos, articles, poems, drawings, photos mini memoirs… etc. so these too can be shared with Singaporeans and especially to our future generation so that the values, the foundation for our future and many legacies left by our late founding father MM Lee can continue to thrive in our younger generation.

For reason of expediency, let us focus on two of the more immediate issues that we cannot take for granted like – Unity, & Innovativeness.

I have a video entitled “Keeping MM Lee dreams alive” which I would like to share with everyone in the hope that it will challenge Singaporeans to contribute & continue the great work that MM Lee had done. Firstly, I would focus on the importance of National Unity so together, we can build our Social Capital.

From the very onset of his political life in forging a nation, MM Lee’s vision for Singapore was based on Meritocracy and Multiracial, “not a Malay nation, not a Chinese nation nor an Indian nation”.

But a place where everybody will have their place: equality; language, culture, and religion. This was enshrined in our national pledge that we recite in school.


singapore  pledge


One Of MM Lee’s Greatest Worries: Hijacking Religion

Religion can promote peace between people and between nations. But it can also be a cause for conflict and war. Religion has often been hijacked by unscrupulous men.

Recently, a case in point: A 16 year old is in hot soup for posting anti- Lee Kuan Yew and anti-Christianity remarks. A reliable source told Straits Times that the unmanly young loud babbler, foul mouth named Amos Yee’s mother had lodged a police report before, saying she was not able to control him. More than 20 police reports have been lodged against him, not just for the video, but also obscene materials he posted on his blog on Sunday.

In my mixing around with some people in the Coffee shop there were a lot of raging feedback on this publicity seeking “intelligent” fool,

(Annoyed Uncles & aunties mentioned that he is “踏屎(ta sai)” in Hokkien dialect meaning step on shit & “好臉(hao lian)” meaning self-promoting.

But surprisingly some students I heard talking loudly in the shopping malls calling Amos “narcissistic young punk kid”.

Wow, it looks like the nation shared emotions of grief have suddenly turned into outright anger across all age groups. That is serious.

People can see that Amos is seeking for cheap publicity & trying to act as a “smart alec” using YouTube videos as a platform to get 8 minutes of fame. He is trying very hard to get a shot to be another “Famous Amos” but it boomeranged on him. People concluded that is now nothing but a despicable “infamous Amos”. What a Blooming Idiot!

I am now 62years old; I saw the 2 religious & racial riots in 1964. My anti-colonial sentiment was celebrated when I heard MM Lee shouted “Merdeka”. I never take for granted the growth, peace and harmony Singapore enjoyed today.

I watch with disgust when Amos Yee regurgitated his views on civil liberty. My hope is that Singaporeans will never cowed to such views nor buy into the dismissive views of some Westerners about Spore.


PM Lee’s Greatest Worry


PM Lee, in his eulogy to his father at the University Cultural Centre, “His biggest worry was that younger Singaporeans would lose the instinct for what made Singapore tick.”

The new generation of Singapore could learn from his experience & understand what our security, prosperity and future depend on.”

We must not grasp it cognitively but instinctively – namely, just

  • how unlikely a nation Singapore is,
  • how deep the emotive pulls of race & religion can be
  • how these latent forces can be so easily roused and whipped into a frenzy for whatever effect. People like Amos Yee is one too many that must be taken with stern views of acts that could threaten religious harmony in Singapore.

In one of my videos, there is very interesting marketplace “Talking Point”. What was very interesting is that the conversation took place at a different time, place and with different age groups. The older generation was reacting to Amos Yee disparaging remarks and even the younger group was disgusted by his usage of vulgarities and utter disrespect for our leaders and even religions. They clearly were very upset by his misrepresentation and they dissociate themselves from Amos Yee as any link to him was deemed “embarrassing.” There are many pointed questions asked and many more insightful comments & views shared by both the older and young groups. Don’t miss it!

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