Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore

The celebration has begun, and how we wish only if MM Lee can be here. We will always remember you MM Lee.

Our memories can either bless or burn us. Yes, we had a blessed 50 years and we must press forward to a better Singapore otherwise our memories can burn us, should we drop into a drastic decline.

We pray that Singaporeans can play our part to preserve the Values that have served us a good guide and be a moral compass in our future unchartered journey.

More “discordant views” may arise in the passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. We must let the Voices be heard, discuss and let the Singapore Conversation be continued and be done with civil discourse. Such new Voices – we should live with it, manage it and with growing maturity, learn to accommodate it.

In almost every generation, they say, “There will not be another generation like us,” but I strongly disagree, even though I am part of the old. I believe the Millennial Generation will bring new energy and excitement to a better and brighter Singapore.

May the next 50 years be gracious and glorious that will again shock many naysayers who once thought Singapore can’t make it, but we did, and we going to do it again and again until our next SG100. This is our Next Singapore Story to be written by Singaporeans, especially the Millennial Generation.

We must always remember the lessons the past generation had taught us. That is, to be Humble, Hardworking, Honest, stay Hungry and live in Harmony. When these Values converge, it will give us the Singaporean Character that will anchor us in bad times of global uncertainty to develop our strong Singapore Identity. With that, we can stand on new Heights and have a new Vision of our next growth with true confidence.

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore. As Singaporeans, let’s treasure this special Golden Jubilee!!