[Blog 2] Uncles and Youngsters React To Amos Yee


During the various interactions I had with the uncles in the coffee shop and youngsters in the shopping malls, they raised several serious questions. 

The first question that was asked by the youngster was:

“Uncle, is Amos just a stupid attention seeker or does he show signs of a Narcissistic Personality (N.P. for short)?”

My answer was that if he isn’t deliberately acting it out for attention, he may be exhibiting signs of a Narcissistic Personality. How do we know? Amos Yee behaves like a person with N.P. I am not a psychiatrist, so this is all speculation and I feel bad for labelling him. But he abusively ranted against MM Lee by trying to shame, blame, name-call and smear MM Lee’s reputation. This is how a typical narcissist behaves.

He displayed a lack of emotion when he purposely chose a time the nation was plunged into mourning and especially when MM Lee’s family was still grieving to lash out against MM Lee. He is not only cruel to make those disparaging remarks, but also a real coward even though he tries to act brave. He should not have raised this issue right after MM Lee died. Either way, whether he is a narcissist or not, what he did cannot be tolerated.

Those uncles who speak a mix of Singlish peppered with Hokkien at the coffee shop and who were clearly offended asked:

“Why that stupid boy using “chauw wey” (meaning vulgarities) to scold all the parents? His parents may have done him wrong, but we didn’t offend him! How dare he use swear words on all of the parents? For what? Not only that, he even dared to call out and use swear words on PM Lee Hsien Loong?

“This stupid kid is “Gu kia um pak hoh, chio kia um pak lastick” (meaning a young calf doesn’t know the fierceness of a lion, and a little bird doesn’t know it will be shot down by a slingshot”.)

My reply was:

Uncles, that brat spoke without thinking. He is a babbler (empty vessel) when he used abusive words to the parents in Singapore saying things like “not like your parents who are [vulgarity] delusional and ignorant”, and in doing so, he also inadvertently included his own parents. Such a “seow gin na” (lunatic son).

He expanded his audacity to taunt and use vulgarities on our honorable PM Lee. PM Lee has a different style compared with MM Lee. He doesn’t spoil for a fight because he is meek but not weak. Don’t take meekness for weakness. Amos will soon find out to his shock in the court.

Those uncles added:

“He doesn’t have any of our past experiences of racial & religious riots, yet he dares to offend Christianity? This stupid kid is playing with fire.”

I also commented,

“That loose cannon also likened MM Lee to Jesus Christ, as being ‘power-hungry, manipulative and deceive others into thinking they are both compassionate and kind. He discriminated against Christ and desecrated Christianity in his offensive words, in the name of free speech.”

Uncle retorted by saying,

“He can eat anything he want but he cannot say anything he wants.”

Let me say this – freedom of speech is not just a right to speak, but also a responsibility for what you say, how you say it and when you should say it. We cannot harass, alarm, distress, or offend people by using insulting and abusive words. That is an offence!

He is bringing danger to himself and disgrace to his family! I really feel sorry for his mum and dad who are still alive and have a narcissistic son. Whether he is acting out or for real, his irresponsible behavior makes many uncles and aunties wonder how long his parents will be around? As Hokkiens say, “Yee, chong pei pu cha si”. He is surely causing his parents to have an early death.

In the next video, we bring into focus why MM Lee was so worried how vulnerable a little red dot like Singapore was and still remains – even though or perhaps especially since it has prospered over the years. We live in a world where the positions of seemingly friendly countries can change without warning.

Someone shared openly that

“Mr. Lee spent his life helping Singaporeans put food on the table and build roofs over our heads. Since we need not worry about food and shelter, can we now indulge in contemplating our right to hurt others with our words in the name of ‘freedom of speech?”

In my next blogpost, you will discover that irresponsible freedom of speech results in deadly consequences. It will show you how to Stand Up for Singapore, avoid divisive behaviour, and how to always retain mutual respect and empathy for each other. In our commemoration of MM Lee, it should make us more United. Can’t wait to hear from you and share together.

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